Power Sensor:-
Measuring your power (electric) con­sumption is the first step toward finding ways to decrease it. While almost every manufacture has an electric meter, it usually only shows total energy (kWh) consumed, although some include instantaneous power being used (kW). And the meter is usually placed where it is convenient for the utility—not for you—to read. But conservation-minded manufactures can choose from several products that measure and record electricity consumption to reveal the energy hogs. Maybe you just want to identify the biggest electricity loads in one of your machine. If you want to use energy data to help reduce usage and to adopt energy-saving behaviors, TaktSigma a Realistic Power Consumption energy monitoring system is for you.

Gas Leak Sensor:-
Gas detection is a critical element of the safe manufacture, handling and use of many industrial gases. Undetected gas leaks can be deadly and costly. Current electronic gas detectors, once installed, require regularly scheduled calibration and maintenance. Low cost leak detectors can be easily and cheaply replaced on a regular schedule at the same time by the same people who perform the calibration. Gas Leak Sensor is designed to detect even small gas leaks. Built-in microprocessor effectively detects natural, LP (propane), butane and methane gases.  Gas Leak Detector delivers a fugitive gas leak monitoring solution that can detect gas releases instantly, in any conditions, with zero maintenance. It is factory-tested for reliable performance and it operating temperature rating is from 0 Degree F to 110 Degree F while its relative humidity rating is below 95%. Our Gas Leak Sensor is simple, reliable, easily incorporated into the system it is monitoring, and not require an external power source.

Concrete Sensor:-
Concrete Sensors provides real time updates on the drying and curing of concrete, allowing better, faster, and more precise decisions to be made on flooring, schedule and cold weather protection during construction. Concrete Sensors saves time and money while improving construction quality. Moisture in concrete slabs is the leading cause of flooring failure. Instead of waiting until a week before the installation begins to discover there is a problem, monitor the Relative Humidity and don’t get caught off guard. Cylinders only test the mix design, they don’t tell you how the concrete in the field is curing. We provide temperature and strength of your actual concrete curing in the field that is simple to use. Share the data you are receiving with a member of the construction team. Invite team members to share data instantaneously.  We provide reports at the click of a button that will save you time. Do you need to reach a specific PSI in order to remove forms or open a road? Use your concrete’s curing performance to tell you when you will reach a specific strength. Schedule labor, remove forms, and reporting benchmarks.
A rugged waterproof wireless sensor for monitoring the temperature of concrete from fresh stage to hardened stage. Our Concrete Sensor can be placed in the concrete formwork (installed on the rebar) before pouring to monitor the temperature of concrete in situ. The continuous measurements are recorded on the sensor and displayed in our application. The continuous monitoring of concrete temperature can be used as a QC/QA method as well as maturity-based strength estimation of concrete. The field monitoring of concrete temperature and strength using this sensor can also help with optimizing the formwork removal time, application of load on the structure, and adjusting the curing temperature of concrete onsite.

Smart Trash Container Sensor:-
Why collect half full containers? Our SMART Trash Container Sensor provides waste management companies and organizations with a service for cutting costs by optimizing waste collection logistics. SMART Trash Container Sensors placed in trash cans to monitor how full each one is, and produces the best routes and schedules for pick-ups. The smart wireless fill level sensors can be quickly and easily installed in any Trash Container. The system helps determine when waste containers need to be emptied, so instead of picking up half-empty or overfull containers, they are collected exactly when needed. This provides direct cost savings and an improved quality of service. The system can save up to 40% in waste collection costs by calculating optimal routes and schedules for fleets based on real-time monitoring of each container. SMART Trash Container Sensor significantly reduces costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, and noise pollution and work hours. TaktSigma service provides you with detailed reports regarding recent collections, upcoming collections, alerts. Reports are generated and can be configured to automatically send out daily according to user preferences in HTML format. View all your information 24/7 via our easy-to-use cloud-based services both from the back office as well as from any mobile location. Get access to a rich historic backlog of all the analysis results, trends and projections regarding your containers such as fill-up trends, collections, partial collections, alerts and reports.

Real-time flood level data and alert Sensor & Monitoring