TaktSigma – Process Management Software
TaktSigma is Process Management Software which enables businesses to model, implement, execute, monitor and optimize their processes.  All examined processes are related to the principle of cost-effectiveness. TaktSigma is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. The goal of TaktSigma is to reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles. TaktSigma Process Management Software is a subset of infrastructure management, an administrative area concerned with maintaining and optimizing an organization’s equipment and core operations.

TaktSigma address 4 concerns defined below and some more to identify pain points and the areas of improvement at your company that we can be most help you to combat pain and to deliver solutions that will help to relieve these issues.

  1. What are the biggest challenges which causes you the most migraine pain in your current process\job you face on a regular basis?
  2. Are there any underlying process\quality issues that causes you concern?
  3. What is your biggest struggle to prevent loss in regards to quality, cost and time?
  4. Frequency, severity and importance of data-related pain points?

Some of the important features & services that TaktSigma provides are:-

  • Process discovery & modeling
  • Process design with flowchart
  • Process Business workflow (built-in Apps)

TaktSigma software is focused on long-term definition of market needs with configuration to accommodate individual needs. Our model is not blind focus on a singular client but focus on longer term on the important elements for a product road map to serve the market. In order to truly understand the connections between certain aspects and utilize new technology to its full potential, all the possible sources of information should be taken into account. These include both the equipment and the people who use them. Finding the most valuable information is usually a result of harvesting and combining data from the two. TaktSigma Software gives the ability to access massive amounts of data, that once discovered, can reveal unseen correlations and thus increase understanding of different processes.

TaktSigma helps to discovered error situation that can be connected to a specific work shift or an individual employee. Of course the issue is not always in the way the equipment is used. The solution can also be replacing old equipment with a new one, or modernizing the existing one. It helps to intervening with recurring equipment misuse early enough reduces potential safety risks that in case left unnoticed could lead to a serious accident.

TaktSigma Process Management Software is built on Cloud means you get expertise-rich SaaS apps running on a scalable cloud infrastructure you can trust.

TaktSigma Data Analytics addresses the entire statistical analysis process – planning, data collection, analysis, reporting – for better decision making and performance.

TaktSigma helps to solve your most difficult planning and scheduling challenges, automate time-consuming processes and enhance your audit control and collaboration capabilities, Universal Connectivity with Total Reusability & Complete Scalability, Optimize availability with Improve software integration, Secure Access with Multi-tiered Administration and Consolidated Management.

TaktSigma provides FREE Real time Communication “Instant Messaging” within your enterprise to your TaktSigma Users via any browser from your desktop or mobile device. Share files and screenshots with colleagues exactly when they need them, no matter where they are. (TaktSigma FREE Real time Communication “Instant Messaging” is for TaktSigma registered\paid\authorized users only). All message are encrypted.

A minute you struggle to find something it is a waste. TaktSigma Software will help to identify waste, remove pauses & bottlenecks in operations, optimize speed in process & operations, investment done on exact right software for the job will pay for itself in a job done faster, quicker, and with higher quality.

TaktSigma will help you to eliminate waste in turn lowering cost and will boost your productivity. Putting TaktSigma in your production environment will help to reduces costs and improving operation performance by increases throughput. It is a transformational software which will help to identify & remove biggest constraint in your own thought processes. It will give you ability to see where customization is possible in your processes & operations and to see if your constraint has change\shift again from your thought process.

TaktSigma FlowChart will help you to create process map to add meaningful value in your core competency for eliminating waste and improve operational throughput and increase production capacity.

A crucial to achieving your goal, Well-defined and quantifiable KPI charts & reports will help to thoroughly communicate throughout your organization and department. For the continuous improvement process, KPI charts & reports will help to further define the way to measure progress toward those goals and stay with the same definition from year to year.

We are selling problems that we have solved, not product.

The value that TaktSigma provides is “To Cut Costs and SAVE time, Improved Quality & Increase Profitability”.