TaktSigma is a Process Management Software operated by American company Nice Solutions LLC., headquartered in Houston, Texas, that offers Software as a Service (SaaS) on Cloud.

Nice Solutions is a Data- oriented & Measurable Data driven company where Data is $$ New Currency $$.

Drone as a Service (DaaS) & Industrial Internet of Things (IoTs) are the integral part of Process Management Software.

For Manufacturing, TaktSigma is the Production Management Process Software.

TaktSigma Process Management Software identify the needs of the customer and help them to decide what they want.

At the strategic level, management needs to establish result-focused strategic improvement goals in the areas that are critical for competitiveness (such as schedule and cost reduction and safety and quality improvement). But in order to meet the strategic improvement goals, the improvement efforts need to focus on the production processes. TaktSigma Process Management Software is a Result-focused and Process focused. The Critical Success Factors are those result areas such as Schedule, Safety, Estimating, Quality, Cost, and Change Management that directly affect the performance of the organization.

The value that TaktSigma provides is “To Cut Costs and SAVE time, Improved Quality & Increase Profitability”.