TaktSigma Process Management Software provides transparency and clarity in the design, management and continuous improvement of business processes. TaktSigma Process management is focused in the areas of design, planning, procurement,production, and the distribution logistics.

If you think this is simply a matter of programming individual processes, think again. The beauty of TaktSigma Process Management Software is that it works on procedures easily applied to other situations. Once the system is installed it can easily be transferred to other processes without having to write new processes. The real value is that the process can be reused any number of times.

Apply TaktSigma in your Fleet maintenance for e.g. Workshop, breakdown repairs, insurance, fuel, cleaning, revision and maintenance, worn and used items, loss and theft, expenses, service profitability etc.

TaktSigma is affordable today for carriers of all sizes based on its robust ROI and cost cutting & increase profitibility features. And its value will only increase as it is applied to more and more processes.