1. Shale Gas Extraction.
2. Production of Coalbed Methane
3. Tight Sands

There are three broad stages of development activity. These are exploration; appraisal and production, not all sites will go through all three stages.

A typical drilling process has the following stages:
1) Preparation
2) Drilling
3) Well Completion
4) Production
5) Well Abandonment

TaktSigma Process Management Software will help to accelerate the automation deployments in fracking process to boost your bottom lines and to make major improvements in your extraction efficiencies.

TaktSigma does real-time gathering of process information, consolidation and analysis of data spanning the entire oil and gas value chain, from upstream production to midstream transport and downstream refining. You want the information at the fingertip that can help to connect the data spawned by an oilfield’s entire operations, from the tip of a drill bit at the bottom of a bore hole to oil and gas flowing through a pipeline to a refiner or consolidator.

Oil, Gas and Fracking producers can use these capabilities of TaktSigma Process Management Software to make better, more informed decisions at all management levels, to optimize asset utilization, while gaining more operational visibility and information-sharing across their enterprises.

Field service mens won’t have to spend time driving remote production facilities. Instead, TaktSigma predictive maintenance process will provide precise information about necessary parts and tools.

TaktSigma Flow Chart will help to map processes in detail, then trim all unnecessary steps. Advancements in process automation technologies can render many process steps superfluous. Cut any step that doesn’t add value. After eliminating as many steps as possible, combine those that remain to develop complete process list.

While new automation technologies can enable quantum gains in upstream productivity, the industry has historically been conservative, preferring deployments that use time-tested production methods and technologies. It’s time to change that thinking.